Sprouting Kit
These great fast growing, organic sprouts are fun and easy to grow. They are nutritious and delicious! Great for salads, sandwiches or just munching.  This sprouting kit contains everything you need for tray sprouting, including a sample of 4 different seeds. You'll be ready to...
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Elderberry Syrup Kit
Our organic Elderberry Syrup Kit will make approximately 24 ounces of delicious immunity-boosting elderberry syrup, when prepared according to the included instructions. We are proud to use only the finest organic, nonGMO ingredients in our DIY Elderberry Kits. (No corn syrup or...
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Superfood Blends
Energy Boost Drinks to add to your coffee, tea or smoothie. SUPERFOOD COFFEE BOOST- Full of super food powders to give you an energy boost, hormone balance, reduce anxiety, immune system support and increase vitality and endurance.    Contains: All Organic-...
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Coffee, Fair trade
"From Our Mountains To Your Cup" we are happy to carry for you Chik Monk Coffee, as fair trade and delicious as it gets. The coffee is grown by The Chik Monk family coffee estate, a fourth generation coffee grower in the...
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Sourdough Starter- Dehydrated
Start making your very own sourdough bread at home with our wonderful organic sourdough starter. Theres never been a better time to get back to the basics, making bread with just flour, water and salt. Its good for your gut,...
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DIY Nut Milk Filter
CoffeeSock NutMIlk filters are durable and may last a year or more. They are a reusable alternative to paper filters or nylon sack filters and out-perform any comparable disposable and reusable filters. CoffeeSock filters are made with Certified Organic Cotton. Cotton imparts no...
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