Compostable Dog Poop Bag Refills
90 Dog Poop Bags made from vegetable-based material, once used, biodogradable bags are consumed by micro-organisms and "Earthy" creatures within 3-6 months based on the environment, leaving no traces behind! This is way better then oxo-degradable poop bags which breakdown into micro fragments...
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Leash Dispenser with 15 Dog Poop Bags
Made from Post-Consumer recycled material, this biodegradable leash dispenser comes with 15 compostable biodegradable bags. It has a holder for used bags so you do not have to hold on to them!  We have packages of 90 refill bags available you can purchase also....
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Dog and Cat Reusable Treat Bags
Get rid of plastic baggies for good with our custom Dog and Cat Treat Bags! Treat your fur babies as good as you treat yourself with these awesome snack bags. Whether on a walk or in the house, keep their snacks...
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