Chico Bag "DREAM BIG" Reusable Bag

This whimsical Reusable Chico Bag inspires you to "Dream Big" each time you use it. A beautiful light blue background is complemented by dandelions, commonly known as wish flowers, blowing in the wind. "Dream Big" is printed on the handle and pouch.

The lightweight, large, shoulder length straps make this reusable bag an ideal companion on shopping trips. When not in use the entire bag stuffs into an integrated pouch with an attached carabiner for easy storage.

Great for books, grocery shopping or traveling anywhere you go.

Measures 19" x 13"  
Full size reusable shoulder-style shopping bag
Hands-free design is great for all your shopping needs
Entire bag stuffs into built-in pouch for convenient storage
40 pound carrying capacity
    Made in USA