One World Zero Waste is dedicated and passionate about reducing waste and cleaning up our earth.

We know the extreme overuse of plastic bags, water bottles, coffee cups and Styrofoam containers is greatly affecting the health of our planet, marine and animal life and waterways.

Come in to our store with your jars, or we have jars and cloth bags for you also, and stock your shelves with great food at the very best prices that truly beat ANYWHERE!

Here is a list of what we carry for you at the store.

You can call to make your order as well. 


 1.  We weigh your jars when you come in
 2.  You fill with them up with the organic products listed here
 3.  We remove the weight of the jar

All you pay for is great organic foods, oils, beauty products or cleansers!No plastic, no advertising, just good, clean, wholesome food, thats it.

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

Dehydrated chicken & fish for Dogs & Cats

Honey: Various Flavors in bulk & jars

Sprouting Seeds

    ON TAP

      Organic Drink Boosts

        Oil & Vinegar

          Dried Fruit


              Super Foods

                Beans, Pasta, Rice, Soup

                  Nuts, Seeds, Granola

                    Cleansers for Home & Body in Bulk

                      Flour & Baking

                        Spices & Herbs

                          Organic Essential Oils

                            Teas & Coffee

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