Bowl & Plate Covers, Washable and Reusable

They're here to get plastic wrap out of our lives! Plate and Bowl Covers will handle nearly any plate or bowl that you own. Eliminate plastic wrap with these durable, washable and beautiful bowl and plate cover sets!

Packs of 3 sizes to fit on any plate, bowl, pie dish or container, and even large fruit like Mellon 

Small- up to 7"

Medium- up to 11"

Large- up to 14"

A Necessary addition to a beautiful and eco-friendly kitchen! 100% Cotton Flannel outside and Washable PUL  BPA free fabric on the inside.  They clean easily with a sponge or can wash in gentil, cold water in the washing machine and air dry. They have a draw-string to tighten the chord and keep food well preserved.

Hand Made by One World Zero Waste

We can make you matching UnPaper towels for a great set!!