Dog Dry Shampoo, No Water Needed

Need to freshen your dog’s coat between washes? Our dry shampoo powder absorbs excess oils and leaves your dog's coat smelling fresh and clean while boosting natural shine. This  dry shampoo combines soothing and deodorizing ingredients in an easy to use shaker bottle.

Great reviews by our dogs' humans!

To use, shake the bottle to loosen powder and lightly sprinkle dry shampoo all over their dry coat, avoiding their eyes and gently massage (they love this part) into the fur. Lightly brush until powder disappears and your fur baby is all clean and smelling great.

All Natural, Certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO
Perfect for pets who don't enjoy water baths
No harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances
Burdock root helps irritated or inflamed skin 
Plantain soothes bug bites and minor skin irritations
Essential oil blend is uninviting to dog pests  
Products with essential oils should not be used on cats