Pamper Yourself Bundle

Pamper Yourself Bundle

Treat yourself (or a loved one) with this collection of products, designed and dedicated to feeling loved, cared for, and free from stress and worry. 

Goods included are:

- 1 oz blend of relaxing Essential Oils

- Essential Oil Car Diffuser

- Handmade, natural, and organic "Heavenly Soap"

- Organic, Luscious, Lip Balm

- Matching Handmade Face-Rounds

- Beautiful Hand-painted "Card that Grows" (embedded with wildflower seeds for planting and prolonged card enjoyment)

Regular price of items normally  

*hand painted card and face rounds sent at random to match the rest of kit's contents. Guaranteed appropriate and beautiful. Heavenly Soap bar fragrances vary between Mediterranean Sea Salt, Vetiver & Cocoa Butter, and Patchouli Peppermint. Soap also sent at random unless otherwise specified in "comments" section at check-out*