Bamboo Utensil Kit & Napkin, Choose the Print

Bamboo has incredible natural strength, making this roll-up & go case and coordinating napkin  set reliable & long lasting. Always be prepared and never use plastic wear again.  Just carry this pouch with you wherever you go, because you just never know!


Includes: bamboo straw, straw cleaner, fork, spoon, knife & coordinating napkin! 100 % Cotton. Made in Florida, USA.

Measures 9" long

 One of a kind, just pick one of our cotton fabrics, some vintage, some designer at no extra charge and we make it and ship it to you, or stop in the store to pick it up! Don't forget to check out some other products to coordinate, like small, med and large snack bags and small and large straw bags.

Order today, get within a week! What a great gift, or just for you too!