Weekly Produce Deposit

  • Pay deposit here to reserve your weekly produce pick up.

  • This deposit will go towards your weekly produce order.  

  • Fill out your produce order form that was emailed to you.

  • The order and deposit must be emailed to us by Thursday of each week.

  • All produce orders must be picked up on the following Monday! Bring your bags & containers with you, or we have bags you can purchase too.

  • Orders not picked up on Monday will be served at our dinner table on Tuesday! 

If you live locally and would like to be on the mailing list to receive the order form for the weekly organic produce pickup, please call the store (561-285-8511) or email us at oneworldzerowaste@gmail.com to give us your name, email and phone number. No Obligation and No Fees.

All produce is from carefully sourced local organic farms.