Laundry Sheets

These laundry detergent sheets are simple and easy to use! Just toss one right into your washing machine and start with hot or cold water. 

Non toxic

Plastic Free

Safe for sensitive skin

Light Weight 

 Comes with 60 sheets- Use 1 sheet per normal load or more for heavily solid, large loads of laundry. 


5 Plant-Derived Ingredients:

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate: A plant-derived softener that is created from coconut oil. This ingredient is the true magic behind our top rated laundry detergent. So simple yet effective, this ingredient works hard behind the scenes to remove the stains off your clothes and linens. It creates a gentle lather that cleanses without damaging.

Fatty Alcohol Polyglycol Ether:

The perfect partner in crime to Coconut Oil Alcohol - they bring out the best in each other. Combined in our laundry sheets, they make an incredible stain-fighting duo. Natural doesn’t mean ineffective and we challenge any spot or stain to resist this winning combination. Chosen for its ability to break down residues such as oil and soaps, it ensures your clothes are thoroughly rinsed free of the grime already loosened by the coconut oil alcohol.

Polyvinyl Alcohol:

This ingredient is used to create the best laundry detergent sheets in the market today that are home to our tough cleaning agents. PVA is both colourless and odourless and as it is created from plants, it means that our easy to use sheets are completely toxic-free. Making it kind to you and the environment. The sustainable detergent sheets quickly dissolve in water to release the active cleaning agents so they can get to work rapidly on your laundry and leave no mess behind.

Tea Seed Oil:

Tea seed oil is extracted from tea seeds. It contains natural saponins and makes an incredibly effective cleaner and degreaser. It is also less harsh on the skin for those who experience sensitivity and react to synthetic chemicals.

Deionized Water:

Ever notice a white crust or residue in your machine after you do laundry? It is unappealing and can clog and damage your washing machine over time. This white crust is in fact salt and mineral build-up. Deionized water has significantly lower mineral and salt content, so your machine is safer. Its job is to leave no residue behind and keep your washing machine healthy and happy, without resorting to harsh cleaners.