JUPITER  MAGAZINE, Sept 2022 issue        


Linda Marx August 24, 2022


The Waste Reducers: Elana and Stephen Smith

In 2018, after an enlightened honeymoon in India, Elana and Stephen Smith returned to their Jupiter Farms home eager to teach people how to reduce waste in their lives. “We saw waste in your face in India that was a constant reminder of the problem,” says Elana, 29. When the couple got back to Florida, they decided to do something about it and opened the sustainable retail store One World Zero Waste in Tequesta. “It’s easy to forget about the problem here, so we want to show people how simple it is to reduce waste,” says Elana. One World Zero Waste specializes in environmentally responsible products like plastic-free reusable alternatives to single-use plastic products, including the popular “Unpaper towels,” reusable wipes, and more. Elana and Stephen, 31, design many of the products themselves and enlist locals to make them. The store has been such a big hit, the Smiths have decided to expand with a second outlet in Delray Beach, set to open this month. And they’ve taken their mission a step further by launching One World Collective, a nonprofit that aims to help both the environment and local residents. “We donate locally sourced organic fruits, vegetables, and goods to those who are sick or in need,” explains Elana. As part of the collective, some of the donations/funds are used to educate the community on planting native species and edible fruit trees in public areas and teaching children the importance of maintaining the health of the environment. “We are even planting and building a ‘food forest’ on our own Jupiter Farms property,” shares Elana. “We also have a wholesale business and a franchise unit so more and more communities around the country can help reduce waste and save the environment while their residents lead healthier, happier lives.”

Shot on location at One World Zero Waste in Tequesta


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