The Village of Tequesta is celebrating our Hometown Heroes.  Our Tequesta Heroes are making a difference through their dedicated efforts on the front lines, in the heart of the pandemic, and through random acts of kindness.


One World Zero Waste, owned and operated by Stephen and Elana Smith, was nominated for their exceptional work over the last several weeks.  

  • Their purpose generally pertains directly to this health crisis and they are a beacon of light regarding the urgency of good custodianship for our land and water.
  • Specifically, over the past few weeks, One World Zero Waste has been connecting fresh produce from local farmers with residents of Tequesta.
  • They are serving local farmers by providing them with a market and they are serving Tequesta residents by making available healthy food.
  • They are offering curbside pick-up via phone-in orders, thereby making it easier and safer for Tequesta residents to comply with county and municipal health guidance.
  • Their zero waste practices are an excellent example and comprise a vital message.

Their customers love the vast array of environmental friendly options. One customer wrote, “I love everything about this store! Great zero-waste storage options, healthy foods including honey, maple syrup, elderberry syrup and creative/beautiful designs on handmade re-usable items. Definitely visit” and another said, “This place is epic!!!” 

About One World Zero Waste

The Tequesta storefront is a great resource for those hoping to eliminate excess waste from their homes; every item available for purchase is eco-friendly, and the edible goods are free of single-use plastics and other packaging. Shoppers can also bring clean containers to fill up with dozens of bulk food items, including spices, flours, nuts and dry pasta.

We have created One World Zero Waste to promote, teach and help others live a naturally sustainable lifestyle. Protecting the environment and all living creatures in it can be done by eliminating single use plastics from our lives and eating whole organic foods. Our goal is to make it easy & affordable for everyone to clean up their act with us.

Our passion and goal is to reduce plastic consumption and improve the state of our Earth, and so we provide natural products which are sustainably sourced, vegan, never tested on animals and make zero waste living easy and beautiful.

Thank you Stephen and Elana for making Tequesta and the world a better place!

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