Brittany M.

Verified Buyer

A serious game changer if you're looking to mitigate the waste you produce as a family! Staff was super helpful. Bring your own bags/jars to fill or if not, they have some ready for you (either for free or super cheap...Can't remember). They have a pretty decent selection of bulk foods, soaps, detergents and essential oils. They also have some housewares but could use a little sprucing up if they had more space. Haven't used it yet, but they have local produce that you can order and pick up on certain days of the week. My paycheck isn't enough yet to start doing that but would love to start eventually. I also saw an option for compost pick up for an extremely affordable price. Cannot wait to go back!! Thank you for being here and helping the community learn there are other options than plastic packaging! 

Kristen C.

Verified Buyer

One World Zero Waste has been SUCH a blessing to our community. Elana is incredibly helpful when searching for the right product for your family. The store is clean, and smells amazing! Products are high quality with attention to detail.
Highly recommend and 100% satisfied every time.

Jacqueline B.

Verified Buyer

 Had a wonderful experience shopping here today! Elana was very helpful and knowledgeable! Lots of great items and options. I purchased a “to go” silverware set including a knife, spoon, fork, chopsticks, straw, straw cleaner, and napkin for $30!!! Reusable pads with the CUTEST designs, a 5 pack of environmentally conscious toothbrush’s and toothpaste! Absolutely love this store and will be making the drive from Orlando to shop here again.

Marjorie D.

Verified Buyer

I was just there the other day! How fabulous of a store is it you ask? Well I went in for one item and came out with five. Great selections at great prices. Wonderful knowledgeable owners! Everything there is not just earth friendly, but useful too! Be sure to stop by when you’re in the area! You’ll have fun and go home feeling good about helping our earth.

Caren H.

Verified Buyer

I love shopping at One World Zero Waste with Elana and Stephen. I've purchased many reusable items from them such as silicone food storage bags and bamboo flatware. The biggest surprise that I had came today. I brought my own containers and purchased bulk herbal tea, spices and liquid hand soap. All cost a fraction of what they might have at a regular retail store. I'll be back!

Bari A.

Verified Buyer

This organic bulk food & zero waste store is amazing! Highly recommend for bulk food, some that I can't find other places, & prices are great. You can bring your own bottles to refill, or they have bottles & cotton bags for you. Their items are great, for gifts or the home, always a great place to go & shop! Finally here in Florida, a great zero waste store with no plastic! I love to order from the website too! Welcome to S. Fla One World Zero Waste!!

Tamara M.
Verified Buyer

Brilliant idea to have us come at appointed time for my produce pickup! I was the only customer in the store and it was so clean and bright! They all helped me get everything I needed! I’m very grateful!!

Megan P.

Verified Buyer

 I’ve been loving the organic produce and grocery pickup. It’s easy to order and schedule a time to pick up your groceries. It also keeps things safe and sanitary. Excellent service! I highly recommend giving it a try!

Bradley B.

Verified Buyer

This place is amazing and the concept is perfect. I would love to see more stores like this flooding the world. They have a unique concept that I fully support ! I love the versatile options for bulk items that is available here and their staff is truly amazing as well. They are very friendly and knowledgeable and as a business owner I look forward to this level of customer service. I will recommend this place to everyone!
Health food, Convenient Location, Knowledgeable Staff, Great Selection


Shawn W.

Verified Buyer

Awesome little store with a very thoughtful and extensive array of goods that help you live a zero waste lifestyle. The couple who owns the shop are helpful, enthusiastic and have the courage to take a stand for our planet. Stop in and let them help you reduce your footprint.

Linda C.

Verified Buyer

Great selection of bulk items, especially products I haven’t seen elsewhere, from food and nutrition to personal care to household needs. I love buying just what I need, and being able to try lots of new things. Prices are really reasonable. I bought  jars there because I didn’t bring enough containers for all the different things I wanted to try. Can’t wait to go back with more containers. Worth going to this great store. Very unique, pleasant, friendly and useful items.

Phil A.

Verified Buyer

Wonderful store to shop for your zero waste products . Easy to find, easy to park and once you get inside The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I think the bulk food section is very complete, and the prices are way better than the big box stores. I love making my own trail mix with a great selection to choose from. The other non-food products are amazing !!! I never go anywhere without the straw bag and utensil collection. And in my kitchen I use the non-paper towels, reusable sponges, and coconut pot scrubber. There are so many other products in the store that I want to start using ... Elana makes her own nut milks, I tried a couple...they’re delicious
Can’t wait to go back and continue outfitting my home with zero waste products !!!

Jody N.

Verified Buyer

I absolutely love this place. It’s so clean and I love all the organic options. The owners are super friendly and helpful. This place is a gem! This is my go-to store!

Kristi P.

Verified Buyer

Nothing but great things to say about this place! I had seen the One World Zero Waste booth at the Gardens Green Market and finally had the chance to stop in the shop today. The owners have each been very helpful and patient answering all my questions (e.g. soap nuts!) and I heard them do the same with others.
The bulk food/product area is the best I've ever seen, from dry goods to cooking oils to castile soap. Tip: bring your own jars/containers for these products if you have them, otherwise they have some options on site to purchase. Amazing store and they also ship, so I am getting gifts too!

Sarah G.

Verified Buyer

I have ordered many zero waste items online from One World Zero Waste and their service was great. They emailed me photos, then sent me the pattern for my unpaper towels and matching bowl cover set that I wanted and love it all! I ordered my holiday gifts here for friends and my family and they all came on time and shipped waste free also. Love the playable greeting cards too!

I learn a lot from their Instagram page and love their mission to help clean the earth. Wish I could give them more than 5 stars. Thank you for a great shopping experiences and beautiful products. Kuddos!!

Briana B.

Verified Buyer

Such a gem! They will get you moving on your journey to a less wasteful lifestyle with style and ease! So happy to buy here!

Wendy W.

Verified Buyer

Great selection of sustainability items, with great ways to help our planet. Love the food and products in the store, and the ease of shopping online. 

Garrett S.  Capt. Planet

Verified Buyer

This place is epic!!! I’m a marine scientist trying to lower my carbon footprint as well as plastic intake. These cats are like a couple of undercover heroes in my opinion!!! Super healthy organic nutrition without the waste!!! Bring your own containers!!!

Katie H.
Verified Buyer

This is a fantastic local store with environmentally friendly products. I was looking for cloth diapers for my son and the owner provided adorable prints that were functional and well made. Great shop to check out! This is a fantastic local store with environmentally friendly products. I was looking for cloth diapers for my son and the owner provided adorable prints that were functional and well made. Great shop to check out! They ship too!

Libby E.

Verified Buyer

I love everything here. The items are away from the peanuts so being someone with a severe allergy I appreciate a place I can shop without worry!

Jazmine E.

Verified Buyer

They have all your everyday needs here! Such a variety of life's necessities to help you live a sustainable life. The owners are both so friendly too, I had my son with me and they helped me fill my jars + gave me a couple helpful tips for some of the products I bought.

Lynn S.

Verified Buyer

I couldn't pass up this store. There were so many items that help alleviate waste. The staff was knowledgeable and very eager to share their expertise.

Talbot M.

Verified Buyer

Nice selection of zero waste products. Fun to to go in and shop around. The owner is very nice and knowledge about ways to limit waste. Very large nuts, beans and lentil selection as well. Pricing very fair.

Eric J.

Verified Buyer

Elana and Stephen have opened an a-MAY-zing store in Tequesta FL that sells all of their products in bulk. This is the store I've dreamed of. We talk about doing our part to save the world, and this is theirs.

Vivian T.

Verified Buyer

Excellent source for organic grains,nuts oil, essential ouls, nut milks, and so much  more. Stress free shopping experience with excellent customer service.

Dorne A.

Verified Buyer

This place is the real deal . I look forward to them helping me step up my Earth game . Our planet needs more of this . You guys have gained a new friend , customer and fan ...thank you for being there...I'm stoked☮🌱

Knowledgeable staff, Fresh Food, Convenient Location, Great Selections

Cathy S.                                                                                                           Verified Buyer

Love my unpaper towels, they've paid for themselves ten times over! We use them as daily lunch/dinner napkins.



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