Bamboo Toothbrushes, 5 pack

  • $12.50

Eco-friendly Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush: comfortable, soft, high quality, durable and 100% compostable and sustainable.

The small head allows you to reach the back of your mouth, and the ultra fine soft beige or brown bristles clean plaque softly while providing a gentle massage to your gums.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anit-fungal and anti-microbial, keeping your toothbrush germ free. The packaging is recycled cardboard.

Measures 7" long

Dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. So be ready with this 5 pack. 

In the USA, over 850 million toothbrushes are thrown away and end up in landfills where the plastic will not break down. The microplastics end up in the rivers and oceans. Help make the change for cleaner oceans.