Bee Pollen Concentrate

Bee Pollen Concentrate


Local Raw Organic Bee Pollen  Concentrate, which is a very special blend of where the cells of the Local Organic Bee Pollen have been dried, pulverized then exploded the using a vacuum, before adding the Local Raw Organic Gallberry honey, which is less sweet and has the most Live Enzymes of any other raw honey, to bind it, where it is 100% Bio-Available (compared to bee pollen granules where you only approx.. 25% absorption. With the Bee Pollen Concentrate you get 100% absorption.

       BOOSTS the Immune system of humans SIGNIFICANTLY, has all of our daily vitamins, minerals, approx.. 40% Protein, and Amino Acids needed to survive and THRIVE. The Local Raw Organic Bee Pollen Concentrate contains over 700 nutrients and is the HIGHEST FREQUENCY FOOD ON THE PLANET. That is how bees fly.

      THE BPC gives us energy, strength, endurance, all our vitamins, rutin, which strengthens  the capillaries of our heart to make our heart very strong, sends blood to the lungs to breath better, blood to the brain to think better, improves memory and learning speed, balances anything out of balance, so if blood sugar is high, it lowers it, if blood pressure is high, it lowers it, if cholesterol is high, it lowers it, puts a healthy glow on our face, alleviates wrinkles, helps weight loss, by suppressing our appetite, while adding lean body muscle  and does a full detox of the body from toxins, pesticides, radiation, neurotoxins, heavy metals, chem trails, 5G, helps fertility, eliminates severe allergies, is a natural steroid and slows down aging A LOT. We need to get this products and the other similar products to the people to help them live longer, stronger, healthier, happier, peaceful more productive lives.

     Start by taking 1 teaspoon per day on an empty stomach. Preferably in the AM bc it gives you energy.

For example, drink lemon water after waking up, Wait 20 minutes. Then take 1 teaspoon (after daily consumption for 1 month you can take 1 tablespoon daily, your body needs to get used to it bc it also detoxes the body) of the raw organic local Bee Pollen Concentrate.

    Hold it under your tongue as long as possible. 20 minutes is the goal, although 5 or 10 minutes is great! Then no food or drink for 30 minutes to get the maximum absorption, nourishment, and detoxification.